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来源:新译通翻译公司   时间:2006-6-4


To inform one of; To say; To state; To communicate; To advise one of; To bring to one's notice (knowledge); To lay before one; To point out; To indicate; To mention; To apprise one of; To announce; To remark; To call one's attention to; To remind one of; etc.

1. We are pleased to inform you that
2. We have pleasure in informing you that
3. We have the pleasure to apprise you of
4. We have the honour to inform you that (of)
5. We take the liberty of announcing to you that
6. We have to inform you that (of)
7. We have to advise you of (that)
8. We wish to inform you that (of)
9. We think it advisable to inform you that (of)
10. We are pleased to have this opportunity of reminding you that (of)
11. We take the advantage of this opportunity to bring before your notice
12. Please allow us to call your attention to
13. Permit us to remind you that (of)
14. May we ask your attention to
15. We feel it our duty to inform you that (of)

(2) 为(目的)奉告某某事项

1. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that (of)
2. The purport of this line is to advise you that (of)
3. The object of the present is to report you that
4. The object of this letter is to tell you that
5. By this letter we Purpose to inform you that (of)
6. Through the present we wish to intimate to you that
7. The present serves to acquaint you that


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